Meet me in Santorini.-

'Meet me in Santorini' you called as the train pulled out. Your words lost in the noise and the crowd. But I knew what you said and I knew I would go there. And wait. I waited for 3 months.


The nights were the worst, so lonely. I awoke every morning bereft. I strolled aimlessly along the old streets until at midday I somehow found myself back at the same old cafe over looking the fishing boats and screaming gulls. Each day the daughter asked 'Is everything okay? Can I get you anything else?'. One day I asked her to join me and we dined together. I remember nothing of what we ate, it was a simple meal of fish and vegetables. But I will never forget that day because that was the day your perfume floated across the terrace and my heart broke. Just one more day.


BJ Kerry.-


© 2015 by Antonio Bernal.