The Man in the Hat proudly presents this self-developed videogame, in the form of a point & click graphic adventure game. The game features exclusive hand painted watercolour artwork, and it also showcases some of the previous work in the The Man in the Hat series. 


Explore the Man in the Hat's apartment and help him get ready to sit on the balcony and enjoy the sea view!


The game is FREE and it's currently compatible only with Windows.


Click on the button below to download, or alternatively click here.



1. Extract the ZIP file to any folder of your choice in your computer. 


2. Once extracted, open the folder and run the file "The Man in the Hat.exe" to launch the game.


3. The file Settings.exe lets you change the window mode, game resolution and language (English and Spanish available, you can also select language ingame) as well as other advanced settings.


If you have any problems downloading, installing or running the game, please contact us or email

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