Espresso in Venice.-

Every day, at the same time, I used to have an espresso in a small cafe overlooking one of the canals. Opposite the cafe, there was a house with geraniums on the windows, with the shutters closed. However, a soft melody filtered through them.  One day, one of the windows was open, and I could see the young violinist. The strong taste of the coffee mixed with the scent from the geraniums and the melancholic music chords. I stared at her for several minutes and she gradually turned around, while still playing her violin. She calmly stopped playing, and we looked at each other for a few seconds. It seemed like I could still hear the melody floating around the canal. With a smile, I nodded my head towards the empty seat next to mine and I lifted my cup in a silent invitation. 


The following day, at the same time, the green window shutters were closed and the music travelled gently across the canal. But this time, my table at the cafe was empty.




Chelo Cadavid.-


© 2015 by Antonio Bernal.